Hi. We did a one-hour radio show on Watertown in Spanish. Please, check it out and gimme feedback. And we will do an audition of thee whole slab in a bar of Gudalajara, Spain, pretty soon. We will discuss, argue, fuss and fight. We will have craft beers to go with it. Here´s to Ole Frankie! (Click arrow to play) Otis SAN ONOFRE, Spain, 2/23/17

In the summer of 1970 I was 16 and spent my first holiday away from my parents, with some schoolfriends in a trailer at a beach resort in Cornwall. We spent the days on the beach and the evenings getting a bit drunk at the pubs that would serve us, getting back late to the trailer to sit around talking trash and listening to late night music radio. Now we were all, obviously, rock fans at that time but one night we stumbled across a station that was playing the whole of Watertown. It was 2.00 am, we were a bit drunk and tired, but I can remember we were all struck by how the mood of the album was quite 'modern' - for Sinatra, who we only knew from his showbiz tunes. Anyway, forgot all about it but I remembered the album title and occasionally looked for it in record stores over the years without success. And then the internet came along and one day browsing Amazon I thought I'd try a search. Only one CD copy left, on import (for me in the UK) so I took a punt. When I played it again after a gap of 35 years I was amazed at how the feel of the album and Frank's peerless singing took me right back to Cornwall in 1970. Great to see more and more people are discovering it and just a shame Frank's not around to see for himself how much it is respected by music fans of all shades. Now that vinyl is having a resurgence, I might try and track one down...
Phil Vatter, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK, 10/9/16

Had no idea what the album was all about when I bought it, in 1969; I just thought the layout and the insert were really cool! Then I actually listened to it. Well, to make a long story short: the only reason I didn't listen to it MORE, sitting in my second-floor apartment, looking through giant picture windows toward downtown Pasadena, was that there were only 24 hours in a day! What a story! What a voice! As much as I loved Sinatra, and his Nelson Riddle arrangements, in the 40's and 50's, this album was, for me, the high point of his career. Long live "Watertown;" long live Bob Gaudio. As an aside: you have to wonder how many people, who've gotten to "know" Bob through "Jersey Boys," know he was also responsible for something like this. Wish more did, and hope more do.
David Rives, Black Mountain, NC, 7/15/16

Thanks for this. Fascinating album.
Cole Jacobs, Simi Valley, CA, 6/24/15

This album is undervalued and very, very underrated. Sinatra sounded absolutely heartbroken, and was in great voice here. But because it wasn't a swing album, or a
"break your heart" album, it was panned. It is a gem.
Pat Zottoli. Ossining, New York, USA, 6/6/15

I've been a Frank SInatra fan since I heard HIgh Hopes at the age of 6. I was looking for his music that I never heard. I am enjoying Watertown.
James Curran, Valparaiso, 4/10/15

Sitting here listening to it now. This may be Sinatra's ultimate concept LP. I collect Sinatra cds so am familiar with much of his recorded work. This is a work of art. I grew up along the RR tracks in suburban Westchester NY and this captures the milieu of those times like few do. It reminds me of the Cheever stories and the movie The Swimmer with Burt Lancaster. Mad Men also captures that time, early/mid 60's. It is a must have for Sinatra fans. I have the cd remaster. I bought it for my birthday. It's a sit down and enjoy on a good stereo listen. Enjoy!  And thanks for the site honoring this lost Sinatra LP, the ultimate concept LP mostly because of the song story structure. Like a novel. This is some remarkable Frank!
Seth, Burlington, VT USA, 3/24/15

The guy is me. And my woman was named Elizabeth. And I worked on the railroad. My life in a Sinatra album. Who would have thought.
Walter Boatner, Gadsden, AL USA, 1/24/15

I stumbled on this site when researching about Bob Gaudio's song "The Train", which was covered in about 2006 by the reformed British synth-pop duo Soft Cell. I have to say Sinatra is as yet a completely undiscovered realm of music as far as I'm concerned, but these pages are intriguing, and I'm tempted to order the Watertown album to see what it's all about. From the looks of it, it's not the best place to begin listening to Sinatra, but what the hey!
DJP Marks, Japan, 12/30/14

One of the most beautiful (and underrated) albums I've ever heard. I keep going back to it over and over again. I even bought one for my brother! This is a piece of art, and Frank's singing is delicate, painful... heartbreaking. I can't believe there is a web site about Watertown! This album really deserves it.
Federico Alejandro Minolfi, Córdoba, Argentina, 10/25/14

Wonderful tribute for a wonderful album."...and now my face is wet with heavy rain.." Watertown's lyrics and measured orchestration takes the listener into the head of a man in sorrow who is taking the blame for a break-up he may or may not have been able to prevent. While he is beating himself up, we are taking the punishment too and our heads and hearts are all-in with this guy. We laugh when he talks about the kitchen we've all seen torn up like WWIII and we cry as the train is movin' on. Maybe because I'm 51 and finally in a place I can relate to a guy losing his world (but I'm not losing mine thank God) or maybe because I'm puzzled by what is being sold as "music" today, but whatever the case Watertown is more than quintessential Sinatra; it is a sad Norman Rockwell on vinyl, an Erich Segal novel made musically poetic, and a reference notebook for anyone who has had to say "Goodbye" to someone they love...
Peter Caporilli, Atlantic City USA, 10/20/14

Incredible tribute site to a wonderful and still very underrated album...now does anybody know where I can get a US Reprise pressing on relatively quiet vinyl? (Permission to
publish email address granted -- bibijeebies@outlook.com)
Robert Kok, Netherlands. 10/5/14

Thanks for a great plane ride's worth of entertainment. Had the album since the day it came out. Mark, my buddy and devoted FS fan, and i listened to that album until it had scratches and we could not find another. I'm interested in seeing the film mentioned and I guess I head to Utube. Thanks for presenting this opportunity to allow us to talk about the greatest album Frank ever recorded.
Oscar Welch, Windermere, FL, 8/18/14

This album is like Brian Wilson's Smile album. This is Genius. Would love to see a "Watertown Project" album with various people like Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Frankie Valli and others performing these songs. I can even imagine Morrissey redoing this whole album.
Eliot Wien, Brooklyn, 7/20/14

I am an avid Sinatra fan for over 50 years. Of all the thousands of albums that I have enjoyed, Watertown is my favorite. I think it enabled Sinatra to display all of his range and styling. Cannot believe that it is not highly regarded.
Gene DiMauro, South Philly USA, 7/14/14

What a thrill to find out about your site. A very good friend told me about it.This friend, by the way, who knows as much as anybody I know about American popular music After 1960, was way ahead of his time. I'm pretty sure I remember him pulling the album out of a remainder bin at a supermarket 44 years ago, listening to it, and deciding then and there that it was a work of genius.I've often wondered why several of the songs on Watertown are not covered more frequently by other artists.
Steve Gorelick, Westfield, 7/12/14

My grandfather passed in March of 2007. His wife, my dear grandmother, recently moved out of their beautiful home and into an apartment. With my grandmother's moving, I was blessed to inherit some of my grandfather's record collection, and part of that was Sinatra's Watertown. I had never heard of the album, but was endlessly curious as my mother said it was one of my grandfather's favorites. The first record I played upon getting home was Watertown. I was immediately floored. It is a record that is astoundingly ahead of its time. Heart-breaking yet comforting in a strange way, I can't wait to listen to this record many times.
Tyler Stuckey, St. Paul, Minnesota, 6/17/14

I bought this album when it came out. I played it once and didn't think much of it. now in 2014 I think its really great.
Bruce Colombo, Melbourne, Florida, 5/29/14

"Watertown" is a treasure filled with lovely melodies and lyrics. And it's Sinatra at his finest. Not the young "Voice" but a mature man telling a simple story of love lost never to be regained. Like Gatsby, our narrator believes that he can repeat the past or at least correct it. He can become the man she will love again. But, course, he can't since he never quite understood why she left in the first place.
Carol Leseure, Champaign, Illinois, 4/3/14

I saw the Watertown film yesterday and I'm flabbergasted. I never was a great fan of the album. I felt the songs were disjoined and poorly recorded. But this film puts them all in the right perspective! My great/big congrats to you all!!
René Dussen, Holland, 2/8/14

Just finished watching the "Watertown" piece by James Zimbardi and Woodrow Hancock. Brilliant! Loved every second of it!  A beautiful visual to go along with a beautiful album.
I'd love to see what these guys could do with a budget! Great work fellas!
Jason, Los Angeles, 2/6/14

As almost everyone visiting this site agrees...an extremely underrated album that is experiencing a tremendous and well deserved revival of sorts! Sinatra was one of a kind with the voice of expression that was unrivalled. Having listened to this back when it was first released, it's great to see that there are so many of us that still appreciate listening to this masterpiece today. No doubt it will continue to grow even more popular through the next 40 years! Thanks for the memories and this website....great idea!
Sandy McDermott, Calgary, Canada, 1/29/14

I was not a great Sinatra fan, but I had a friend who was, and she bought this LP in the 70's. I thought it was brilliant, and borrowed it hoping she would forget it, but she didn't, so I had to buy my own copy. I always wondered why it was not more popular- the best thing Sinatra ever did. As a thank-you I bought my friend an Andy Williams single: 'How do I begin' and she hugged me. Happy memories.
Mike Sallis, England, 1/2/14

.Watertown is one of my favourite Frankie albums. I listen to it weekly and have done so for over thirty years. Wonderful album and thanks for the website.
Paul Gordon, UK, 12/1/13

Thank you for this site. I bought Watertown when it came out, complete with poster. I love the concept, the songs, the emotions they evoke. It has always been one of my favorite albums and I am delighted to learn more about its origins and the development. It should have been a top seller.
Pamela Riesmeyer, Schererville, IN, 11/27/13

This album is an appropriate companion piece to A Man Alone. Both delve into the raw emotions of loss and loneliness unlike any other albums Sinatra had recorded.
Christopher Coppula, Washington, D.C., 11/25/13

In the 70s, my mother worked with some charity or another. Capitol Records regularly donated records that had not lived up to their potential, and the charity sold them at rummage sales. The albums all had a hole drilled in a corner, so they could not be returned to stores for cash. One shipment included copies of Watertown. Of course, I grabbed one to play. I loved it, and still have that copy with the hole drilled in the corner.
Lawrence Bliss, San Francisco, CA, 11/22/13

An underrated masterpiece...Sinatra's singing of the phrase "..but he's so old" in 'Michael and Peter" demonstrates why he was the greatest pop singer of our time...
Mike Roberts, Ft Lauderdale, FL 10/10/13

I'd gotten the album in a throwaway pile from a radio station I worked for. I never listened to it and filed it away for years. One day a couple of years ago, an Internet mention got me curious enough to give it a spin one sleepy Sunday morning. WOW. I was immediately blown away and am a huge fan of the album. I now have a CD of it along with a new LP copy for completeness.
Harry Neyhart, Davenport, FL, USA, 9/2/13

Everytime, you think you know, but you don't . This album proves that you can't judge the book by the cover. Frank Sinatra is a mystery to me, but I love him and his beautiful music for that.
Rob Tuijnman, Alkmaar/ The Netherlands 3/31/13

I bought this L.P. when it first came out. Being a Sinatra fan I automatically bought, being amazed by its cover. Loved the album, but couldn't understand why it received so little attention. Later I naturally bought the C.D. But foolishly sold the vinyl copy. As I read this wonderful Website I kick myself for relinquishing it. It's great to read about the other musicians connected with this album masterpiece as well. Now to play the record and relive it again these many years later at my age of 74. Still miss Frank Sinatra.
Bev Carter, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 3/2/13

I wanted to also thank you for this website commemorating this landmark album. I'd never heard of it until this past year when browsing online through Frank's albums. Being a middle aged man and relating to the theme of this album (and its great reviews by all), I had to get it. So I paid $7 on ebay and wow, what an album. Aside from track #2 on side 2, which is possibly the worst song ever (Sorry but true), this album is fantastic. One other thing, Wikipedia notes this album (quoting) was "a great work that was badly packaged," to which I could not disagree more. This album cover and artwork are absolutely gorgeous, just like all the Reprise records I've seen (particularly, Sinatra's) from the 1960s. This one is the best. Thanks again for this wonderful website. So appreciated.
Frank Flagg (I was born in NJ, named after Sinatra!)12/10/12

Thank you for this site! My Watertown-LP is a good German pressing from the 70's, but unfortunately not with a gatefold cover and the poster. Nevertheless, I'm happy to own it - it's a masterpiece!
Gernot Heinkelein, Hamburg, Germany 12/5/12

I first heard "Watertown" in 1970 when I was a 16-year-old high school kid in Brooklyn NY. Then, as now, I consider this beautifully textured album Mr. Sinatra's lost treasure. Whenever I play it for anyone, they are shocked by Frank Sinatra's masterful performance. Listeners cannot get over the album's song list of haunting loneliness. Once again, "Watertown" proves that Frank Sinatra was America's greatest musical talent. His ability to inhabit the song as if he is "speaking in melody" directly to you is astonishing. "Watertown" shows not only Mr. Sinatra's genius as a vocalist but his awesome talent as a first class actor. "Watertown" is a brilliant concept album. It is a 20th Century masterpiece that only gets better each time you listen. I was honored to see Mr. Sinatra live in concert three times in the early 70's when he came out of retirement. Memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Fourteen years after his death and approaching his 100th birthday, this incredibly talented man continues to be a part of all of our lives!Today just listen...and chances are you will hear his voice!
Bob Scutari, Washington DC USA, 12/5/12








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