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Frank Sinatra dominated radio in the 40s, 50s and 60s, but as the 70s came on, radio put the Great American Songbook on the shelf as musical tastes changed. Watertown had practically no airplay when it was released in 1970, and all Sinatra songs began to be featured on fewer and fewer stations. Today, Frank is mainly found on special stations as featured below, as well as on many jazz stations and Siriusly Sinatra on SiriusXM.


Brian Noe produced and hosted several Internet podcast radio programs, including The Frank Truth, a weekly show about Frank Sinatra which aired nationally for a time on Sirius Satellite Radio. On this page, he has graciously shared his shows that featured Watertown, the first (#116) on the album songs and the second (#117) with an interview with Watertown arranger Charles Calello.
  Brian is a writer and new media producer who lives at the southern terminus of the Chicago Southland - Kankakee, Illinois, USA. He began a career in broadcasting at the age of 16, got sidetracked for several decades, and then returned to the mic in February 2005 when he produced the first episode of Verbum Domini.
   His writing has been seen in the pages of national magazines, and on his Weblog,

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Mark Sudock continuously presents a wonderful Metromedia Radio show – The Sinatra Songbook – featuring Watertown. If you missed it, click on the player above and enjoy!

The Sinatra Songbook, streams Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 8am (both EST) on Metromedia Radio. Metromedia Radio showcases the American Popular Songbook 24/7 to listeners in more than sixty countries. It is among the most listened-to stations of its kind in the world. Learn more and listen at

Also hear Sid Mark's The Sounds of Sinatra Saturdays  2-4pm ET. Sid's Sunday with Sinatra show airs from 8am-1pm every week.
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promotional radio commercial
Click to play 1970 Reprise
promotional radio commercial for Watertown, one which was rarely played, poorly written, and badly produced.
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from BBC's Russell Davies, 6/2/13.
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a beautifully produced 90 minute special broadcast featuring Watertown from Hawai'i Public Radio, hosted by Guy Steele, including interviews with Jake Holmes, Bob Gaudio, Charles Calello and Ed O'Brien. Guy's show,
"Sinatra: The Man And The Music," can be heard Sundays at 5pm Hawai'i time (11pm EDT, 10pm EST) on HPR-2. Click on the HPR logo to listen live.